Taking The Plunge (IV)

I have to force myself to stop tweaking this and just get it out of my system.

Movement IV: Wanderlust is now available to download!

It's been a rough thing to dredge up the things I don't like to think about in order to make these, but it's honestly something I need to do. After making the first part in three hours,  I decided I needed to take my time with this one. I wanted it to be a bit less raw and a bit more reflective than Eulogy was, as it was a very different time in my life, even though the events only happened a week or two apart at most. I'm going to continue to push forward in creating these excerpts, to eventually be contained within the full release. 

I hope this is able to help you the way making it has helped me. Please hang in there.


Movement VI: Eulogy 153 MB
Dec 20, 2020
Movement IV: Wanderlust 146 MB
Dec 20, 2020

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