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Interesting little game.

hey Rabbit Run Games, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Interlude: Andalusia to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

Really impressive atmospheric and music.

love the musics and atmosphere, made me imagining many things. the environments feels like tall buildings

Short but not bad. Made a video on it.

Very touching. The pacing with the text was very well done, too. Such a little thing, but having the text speed up and slow down really helps bring the tone of the words to life. 

Also like with every other part of the Drowning Machine, I wanna leave it running to the side and just sink into that numbing, monochromatic atmosphere.

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I can’t help but spend a good amount of my development time just kind of looking at the parts of the set that I’m proud of and coming up with  the words from there based on how the place I just built makes me feel. big part of why I’m struggling with Reverie right now. I’m gonna strip a bunch of it back and release it soon tho, just need to figure out a few things

Pretty thought provoking! Thank you for the experience!


thank you so much for playing!! Here’s a link to the demo for the full release if you’d like!

Thank you, I'll definitely be checking it out!


love your game thank you so much 

Thank you so much for playing! If you’d like to see more, here’s a link to the demo for the full release!