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Rumors of freaky happenings on the grounds of the Freakerland amusement park have haunted the residents of your town since it began construction. Many of your friends have entered to try and uncover its secrets, but all have chickened out. Do you have what it takes?

Find the Freak Phones, uncover the truth, and escape the park alive in Don't Freak Part 1, the terrifying new game by Rabbit Run Games.



This park has its secrets...

Discover the mysteries hidden deep within the park in the first enstallment in the Freakerland Saga. Future park attractions will appear before your very eyes in each new expansion, until the whole park is at your fingertips!

Create your own Freaker!

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WASD - Movement

Left Click - Interact

Ctrl - Crouch

Shift - Sprint

F - Flashlight



Game by Aidan Cushing (Rabbit Run Games)

Based on characters created by Kevin Leto

(c) Copyright 2018 FreddieFreaker.com. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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Don't Freak Part 1 (Win64) * 335 MB
Don't Freak Part 1 (Win32) 314 MB
Don't Freak Part 1 (Mac) (STILL IN EARLY TESTING) 386 MB
CUSTOM FREAKERS (Template Included) 177 MB

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I had a few requests to give this game a go on my channel, and I'm glad I did. Loved the feel of a good mix of both the gameplay of Slenderman, and an animation horror like FNAF.

Looking forward to Part 2!


This was great! The idea is super original and I can't believe there hasn't been a horror game created after one of these old creepy commercials from back in the day until now! The atmosphere is very dark. The visuals are pretty simple, but it sort of gives the player a false sense of comfort until you 'leave the path' and find out what is REALLY going on. The audio engineering is fantastic and really sets the tone for the entire game. I felt on edge the whole time playing and had no idea what to expect next. The story is solid. I'm pretty sure I found all of the notes, and they give just enough information to get involved in the game and know what is generally going on, but still leaves some plot holes. This is perfect for a multi-chapter game like you're building. I was pretty much blown away by how much was stuffed into this game. It was just left for the player to easter egg hunt it all up. Thanks so much for making this! I can't wait for future updates! Just gotta rub my wallet for good luck! :D


My friend and I played this on our channel, check it out!

sorry you guys had a rough time with it, i'm working on some patches to fix the issues you guys were having! thanks for playing though, hope I can make a better impression in the future!

the game runs significantly better on windows, as that's my primary development platform. the mac version is still super buggy but I'm working on some fixes!

for now, the issues  can be fixed by fullscreening the game, and turning your graphics settings down. if it doesn't, please PM me @senplusplus on twitter!

about to make a video about it

NEVER MIND, it dosent let me

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I checked it out and I can't wait to see what'll become of this project! Played through the 1st part and got all 3 phones. Got jumped immediately after. 

great to hear you enjoyed! did you find any of the secrets?

i found some papers but if there were any real secret places I didn't. Way too dark. The game was very spooky though, and it was good!

the brightness can be adjusted in the settings btw!!


Any chance for a Mac release?


good question! I'm currently in the process of getting a Mac AND Linux release up for download ASAP!  

just went up! might be a little buggy but check it out!