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Good story and atmosphere.. Keep up the good work! :)

The whole time I thought I was deformed from war and was like damn really

The main character buried himself alive

Quite the game, I did not download this expecting my own body parts to talk to me.

Some spicy gameplay


What an experience XD


Excellent body horror. The narration reminded me of Ligotti.


Wish I'd seen this six months ago! Thanks for the compliment - I dig Ligotti, especially The Troubles of Dr. Thoss. I don't remember if that's what I was going for with the writing in this project, but thanks nonetheless!

I actually remember you mentioning that, not sure if that was in regards to this or The Diving Bell though. Hm.


Really leg?! You gonna do me like that? My OWN leg! 😂

This was an interesting & unique experience, I love finding these kinds of indies (&/or gamejam games)

Thanks for playing! Can't wait to watch this :)


Hey there! I actually loved the style of this game and the subtle eeriness of the world! I'll be sure to play more of your games in the future!


Browsing through I found your game, but I liken this to a dark visual art installation done through a game. I am guessing the topic being detailed here might be simpler than what my analysis is? Or perhaps its as dark as I think it is. Either way, this was an enjoyable ride, great production value and being insulted by your own body parts is something I don't think I will ever experience anywhere else.


I played this game over a few times and every instant I got into the game, I am immediately reminded of Silent hill, and I can hear the soundtrack in my head as i'm going through the bloodied path, expecting to be tortured by the voices. This game is absolutely wonderful and I give it a 10 star rating. DANNIBUS GAMING APPROVED <3 


I’ve played quite a few of the games from the Wretched Weekend Game Jam, and it’s a shame I didn’t catch this one until now. But I’m glad I did. This game has an almost Silent Hill feel to it, perhaps because of the disturbing voiceovers and the feeling of being in some sort of purgatory. I like its simplistic way of storytelling. Even more, I like how I struggled deciding whether or not I wanted to know more about my character. As I listened, I got the feeling that maybe I DIDN’T want to know.


Really weird love it x)  


This was a great atmospheric horror piece! Had some laughs, got mad at some mean pink things, and unsettled towards the end. Great game! 

This game is hilarious. I blame it on the good voice acting. I couldn't take it too seriously.

"You piece of rotted shit."



It's confusing but it has meaning in it


Interesting game!It's the last I played at 51:04. At first, I thought it was going to be one of those games where the dev just says random shit that's supposed to be edgy, but there's no substance. I was pleasantly surprised that the small addition of losing pieces and where you end up along with the title actually made me think about possible meanings behind it, which was cool. Good job and good luck on future games!

Glad you liked the writing, especially that the metaphorical stuff didn't completely alienate you, because I think it would have me (and I wrote it). Thanks for including us in your video!

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good story


this game its confusing but

fun to play, I really enjoying this game

please check out my channel


This game was weird as hell but also super entertaining! I hope you check out my channel!


hey really cool game. I did get a bit confused.

I love the strange setting the game takes place in.


Short and sweet, hugely atmospheric. I ended up overanalying it way too much. Nice job!

I'm curious to hear your analysis! Glad you enjoyed :)


I streamed it for some friends, and we kept trying to figure out what is going on. I genrerally dislike things that lean too heavily on the symbolic and metaphorical unless they are done well. In this case, I think it was, but I also think things were more literal than perhaps we realised at first. We went through a few theories:

-Some kind of noncorporeal transcendance (after the first couple of speakers)

-Allegory for leprocy (after your first encounter)

-Purgatory/Hell (after that one speaker lamented the lack of pain)

-Some kind of deep curse (after the speaker accused whoever did this)

I think I'm leaning towards a sort of purgatory type of thing. Our protagonist needs to shed thier regrets and accept thier fate in order to move on.

It was enjoyable, memorable, and made me think. So a success, I reckon.

Is the game finished and needs no further updates?

We discussed additional content for the game, but for now it is completed. 😁

I asking this question only to clarify if this particular game won't recieve any more updates with additional content, ever. If this is the case, I will play it now!

So the jam edition is feature complete, if not a bit buggy since it was a jam game, but I'll likely update it with more content and bug fixes sporadically in the future!

Feel free to play the jam version for now, I'll be updating the full game separately :)


Weird events - great voice. 3rd game in video, timecode 14:12
By the way: you could add the tag "Voice Acting" to the itch page.

thanks for playing Iwan! We’re gonna be rebuilding the collisions so hopefully there will be less sticking shortly :)


I enjoyed playing this. It was really imaginative, the art style was striking, and the way the story unfolded was well done. It did insist on starting up in VR mode, which locked all interactions for me. If this happens to anyone else, you can get around it by adding -nohmd to the launch options for the game.

Oh thank you for finding this! I’ll look into a fix when I publish the updated version. I’m very glad you enjoyed the game!

Should be fixed now, along with a few QOL and accessibility updates. Let me know what you think!

(2 edits)

Thanks for the update! It no longer starts the VR app on the side. I have no idea why they thought enabling VR mode by default was a good idea. The subtitles were also really helpful. I wasn't always able to tell what the black speakers were saying the last time I played.

I’m very glad it helped, the subtitles were something we really felt strongly about adding!

I honestly don’t know why unreal defaults to VR even if there’s no VR functionality, kind of a huge pain tbh but worth it!

Makes me think I should put out a VR patch 👀👀


is your game supposed to be available yet? if yes: dl link is private, you can check this in incognito mode. if not: sorry to bother


We’re actually still in development, I just wanted to make sure the store page is working. Thank you for telling me though! I’ll let you know when it’s released :)

You should be able to play it now 😁